Workshop Program

July 10th 2020 – Virtual Event (Times are given in CEST)

12:00-12:10 : Welcome Notes

12:10-12:30: Wayne Holmes (UNESCO)

12:30-13:10 : 4 Presentations on “Curricula”

All means All: Bringing Approachable AI Curriculum High School Students – S. Judd
An Experiential Secondary AI and Society Curriculum Using Python Labs and Fiction – D. Ganelin
How to Train Your Robot: A Middle School AI and Ethics Curriculum – R. Williams and C. Breazeal
A Comparative Study on Two K-12 Artificial Intelligence Curricula – L. Li and G. Gadanidis

13:10-13:50 : 4 Presentations on “Activities to Learn AI”

Intergenerational Learning with AI for Kids (AI4K)™ – S. Koo and L. Liew
Learning by enhancing half-baked AI projects – K. Kahn and N. Winters
Contextualizing AI Education and Learning Experience for K-12 Students – A. Eguchi, H. Okada and Y. Muto
school-IT: An Unplugged Initiative to Educate Children in Deep Learning – C. Lombart and J. Henry

10′ Break

14:00-14:30 : 3 Presentations on “Activities to Learn AI”

Early Introduction of AI in Spanish Middle School. A Motivational Study – C. Fernández-Martínez, I. Hernan-Losada and A. Fernandez
Engaging Families in a 10-week, AI Global Competition – T. Chklovski, R. Jung and K. Young
Reinforcement Learning On The Chess Board – T. Karatekin

14:30-15:10 : 4 Presentations on “Teaching AI”

Teaching and learning AI in K12 with a participatory design approach – L. Galindo
TPACK Analysis of teacher competency for K-12 AI Education – S. Kim, Y. Jang, S. Choi, S. Kim, W. Kim, H. Jung and H. Kim
AI as a Key Competence for Teachers – C. de La Higuera
Empowering Teachers to Integrate Machine Learning into K-12 Scientific Discovery – X. Zhou, J. Tang, S. Mushtaq, X. Wan and Z. Bai

15:10-15:30 : 2 Presentations on “Educating citizens in AI”

Understanding Intelligently Artificial Intelligence : a citizens’ open formation – F. Alexandre, R. de Barretin, J. Becker, M.-H. Comte, M. Courbin, S. Cruchon, A. Lagarrigue, B. Masse, S.  de Quatrebarbes, J. Stein, C. Terosier and T. Viéville
EDLRIS: A European Driving License for Robots and Intelligent Systems – G. Steinbauer, M. Kandlhofer, T. Winkler, A. Ballagi and G. Miltenyi

15:30-15:50 : 2 Presentations on “Online Experiences”

Design and Implementation of an AI Programming Playground for Schools – M. Menzinger and G. Steinbauer
Adapting K-12 AI Learning for Online Instruction- S. Ali, D. DiPaola, I. Lee, D. Jackson, J. Kiel, K. Beal, H. Zhang, Y. Cheng and C. Breazeal

10′ Break

16:00-17:00: Keynote: Dave Touretzky ” Developing National Guidelines for Teaching AI in K-12″

17:00-18:00: Open Discussion and Wrap Up